General Internet Fix Tips IMPROVED

May 29, 2012, 7:42 PM |

1. Check your browser. If you have a bad browser, such as an old version of IE, Safari, or Firefox, you may want to install a new version of the browser.

2. Check your internet connection or network.

If you are using a Mac/iPad or any other Apple device, check AirPort. Find how many bars are black. The best is 4, including the dot at the bottom. Restart AirPort if possible on the Mac only, but for iPads, run to the settings and restart the WiFi and connect again.

For Windows, go down to the bar and find the bars. Click on them or hover your mouse over them for at most 55 seconds. Find the mark: Excellent? Very Good? Poor? Try finding another network and see how it goes. However, on Windows 8, you'll see something like this:


Internet access

Unidentified network

No Internet Access

3. Viruses could be slowing down your computer. Quickly check with a quick scan, and if you don't have any antivirus (wow), download something like Malwarebytes or Avast!, and I recomment Avast! 8, since it can detect viruses before you download them. Helped me a few times when browsing mystery files with .exe.

4. Restart your router or modem. Computer-to-computer networks are not the best you can find.

6. Switch to another computer. If it works, it is a PC problem. If it doesn't, it is a network problem. Make sure both computers are on the same network. 

7. Restart your computer. Freshness...

8. Open Task Manager or the Mac Force Quit menu. Close all unnecessary programs. Also, if you want to be geeky on Mac, open up Terminal from Spotlight or your Dock, type in ps x, and you should kill the IDs. Every time you kill a program ps x again.

9. Check how much disk space you have left. On Windows, this should be easy (simply look at your main drive) but on the Mac you can check in the folder (for me it's alberttam) and look at the bottom. Please tell me there are more than 13 GB available.

10. If nothing works, report to someone: OS, networks you have tried using, Version of browserS, and necessary information. e.g.

Using Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10

dlink router, all ports OKAY