The Best Piece Blockaders

Mar 19, 2012, 12:14 PM |

Knights are remembered for their jumps, right? King's are remembered for their importance. Queens are so powerful, so that's how she's remembered.

But in the Blockade World, knights and kings are remembered all for their great skills. Let's take a look!


Who's The Best Blockader?


Let's go over the pieces!


The Knight 

Knights like to blockade. Because of their ability of jumping, the pawns that block the pawns that will dislodge the knight from its post won't restrict its mobility. 

The Bishop

Bishops just can't do it. The pawns blocking the pawns that CAN dislodge the bishop from its post restrict its mobility; the seemingly good bishop can only "backtrack".

The Rook

Rooks can only move sideways and vertically, right? Well, rooks are meant for attack, not defense! Rooks can't jump, either, so the blocking pawns can be a nuisance if the rook needs to go there to pin, skewer, and so forth. 

The Queen

Queens are for attack, not trying to nursemaid that little pawn! And queens are just too powerful, so if the queen is dislodged from the post, the pawn can run down and cause trouble. Just like a police car. If the police car runs away because an accident is about to happen with the car, one parent and a child can simply run down the street! 

The Important King

Kings tend to be fine blockaders in the endgame. As long as your opponent can't check you, or you have other pieces that can run around, it is basically a lifelong blockade and your opponent can't help it!!!