Why Stalemate Is A No-No!

Mar 1, 2012, 9:24 PM |

In an OTB game against my dad, I almost lost all of my pieces; I only had a king and rook. He had 4 passed pawns, a dominating bishop, and a hungry rook. Take a look at the diagram.

 It was a casual game. 





 I played ...Rxh4!! and white fell for the stalemate trap (white was my dad, alright? a diagram mistake) and played .gxh4?? 1/2-1/2.

Better was .g5! but I can do Rh1+, Kf2, and keep chasing him till moonlight stalemate.




* Lessons From This Blog *

  • Never put your opponent in stalemate!
  • If you are in stalemate, leave yourself with no legal moves and survive a draw!
  • The above plan requires sacrifices. If you put yourself in a position without anymore stalemate, please do not. Realize that the stalemating pieces should NOT capture your sacrificed pieces.