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Bobby Fischer

Sep 18, 2007, 6:51 PM 2

    I was thinking about what I read in a chess magazine's article about Bobby Fischer. I remember seeing a preview of a movie back in the 90's about him and I was wondering "Who? Who's Bobby Fischer?".  I heard a little about him in subsequent years and I was still wondering "Who is Bobby Fischer?". Then I forgot about him.  Now that I'm starting to get into chess(I've been playing for less than year's worth of time), I found myself wondering about him again. So, I read about him at the library(where the aforementioned magazine is) this month and I was quite surprised about his attitude to the US and how he's against Jews. After the US took a blow, he said that something to the effect of "SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!" and  "Blacks will go back to Africa and whites back to Europe!". I'm thinkin' "What the heck? What happened to him?" Some people think Mr. Fischer's previous and continual behavior(this negative talk has been going on for some time) "burst the chess bubble that he generated" bck in the 70's. But my question is, why is it that back in the disco era(the 70's for those who don't know what I mean by "disco era". I speak as an American) when the White House(Kissinger, to be specific) told him that he was playing for America against the Soviets, "his face took on a combative look and he went to play chess like he was going on a mission"? Then, later on, he turns against the US? Strange.

   Whatever the circumstances for this change in behavior, he needs to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Plain and simple. Look at the examples Jesus set forth as He walked here on Earth. We could all use His love. And we can follow Him.


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