100 Day Training Streak on ChessTempo

May 16, 2016, 9:43 AM |

Today I hit the 100th day of my current training streak at ChessTempo!

During this streak, I've primarily been working on 4 training sets:

Mixed-Mode: I use this mode for more difficult problems near my rating range.

Three Spaced Repetition Sets (aka Saltmines Training):  I'm using spaced repetition to try to get the average problem completion time to less than 10 sec and 98% accuracy for the following custom sets.

1. Endgame Practice: I've been using a training set of 1000-1200 level endgame problems with mate in 1-5 moves.

2. Mates: 1200-1400 Mates in 1-3 moves.

3 Non-Mates: 1200-1400 tactics that win in 1-3 moves, excluding mates.