2014 US Open Game 2

Jul 28, 2014, 8:01 AM |

In the 2nd round of the U.S. Open my opponent was playing in her first OTB tournament. And she picked the U.S. Open! I told her that not all chess tournaments were so glamorous and that damp church basements were more typical.

After the game I learned that she has been playing on chess.com for a few years (around 1700 online rating) so that explains why this game was more difficult than I expected. About halfway through I was turning despondent because beating someone in their very first OTB chess tournament shouldn't be this hard! I mean, really, you should have seen my first few tournaments. I don't have enough fingers to count all my dropped pieces. But then I thought about how online chess has changed all of that. People can become very good players online before ever venturing into the OTB world. Thanks Audrey for a tough game!