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Blitz in NYC

Blitz in NYC

Dec 9, 2015, 7:37 PM 5

Each year during Thanksgiving week, my wife and I take our kids to downtown Chicago to enjoy a taste of big city life. 

 Since this November was our 25th wedding anniversary we decided to change it up a bit and take the family on our first visit to New York City over Thanksgiving.

We stayed at 52nd and Broadway and were amazed by the ever glowing neon lights of Time Square shining into the hotel's windows. We saw Wicked; attended the Macy's Day Parade; and visited several of the national monuments.

Two of the highlights for me were visiting the historic Marshall Chess Club and playing blitz chess for $5 a game in nearby Washington Square Park. (And walking away only losing $10...)

Here is the final position from the second game I played. Though down a piece, at least according to Toga, I had a winning game. Unfortunately, with just a few seconds on the clock, I ended up flagging before being able to find the winning plan.

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