First Game of the Year

Jan 11, 2015, 8:09 PM |

Here is my first long game of 2015. Though I lost, I felt I was in control most of the game and that I had all the winning chances, until I mistakenly traded down into a lost endgame.

Lessons Learned

  • Don't trade into a losing endgame. I had plenty of time when I played Qa2 and I thought I was ahead with the extra pawn. But if I had used the 15 minutes I had available on the clock and really analyzed the resulting endgame, I may have had a chance to see the error.
  • Slow down and look at all forcing moves, every time. This is something I've been better at in over the board tournaments but in online play, even in long games, I tend to feel a bit impatient during play. Maybe it has something to do with staring at a computer monitor for so long, but this is something that I have to figure out how to completely eliminate from my play.
  • I missed an easy discovered check that led to a forced mate in 2. How do I ensure I spot those? Look at all forcing moves, every move. Period.