First Master Draw


On February 14, 2015 I earned my first tournament points against an Expert. On February 20th, 2016, almost exactly one year later, I scored my first points against a Master--a FIDE Master no less!--with the following draw.

Attached is my initial analysis and then a bit of the follow up analysis I did with my coach, FM Boor.

Masters can be beaten by us class players. Though I didn't win here, I was fighting for a win and had the better chances at the end. When I beat the Expert in 2015, it opened up the possibility for me of beating other Experts and Class A players and guess what happened? I started scoring against Class A players! I no longer fear them or give them respect at the chessboard.

I hope that this draw against a Master has a similar affect on my confidence and allows me to go up against much higher rated players and fight for the better position--and then for the win.