January 2015 Training Recap

Feb 1, 2015, 9:45 PM |

USCF Rating: 1521

Change during month: -9

I had an excellent chess training month to start the new year. First, I was able to put together a revised study plan for the first quarter of the year that should address what I think are currently my biggest weaknesses.

Second, I was able to complete nearly all my training activity goals for the month. In the following table you'll see that I fell a bit short on my page count forĀ How to Reassess Your Chess. And I was unable to get in at least two OTB games every week but I did play a total of ten games for the month--easily hitting my monthly goal.

I was even able to go above and beyond in a few areas, particularly master games, where I am getting close to finishing my initial study of A First Book of Morphy. I should have it completed in a few weeks at my current pace. If you read, and liked, Logical Chess, I strongly recommend A First Book of Morphy.