Performance Rating vs Opponent Rating

Mar 9, 2016, 6:29 AM |

I've been having some interesting discussions with some chess friends about our performance against kids vs adults, whether we do comparatively better vs stronger opponents vs weaker opponents, etc. I realized most of what I believed was anecdotal so I created a tab on my training spreadsheet to start tracking:

  • My rating at the beginning of the tournament,
  • My performance rating, and,
  • My opponents' average rating.
Now I should be able to answer these questions over time. Here is my current chart, looking back at my last 6 tournaments.

In one tournament my average opponent rating was just under 1500 and there were two other tournaments where the average was just under 1900! That is a nice, diverse set of data. The conclusion, though, is that I am currently performing almost exactly at my rating no matter who I am facing.

This fact makes me happy in the sense that I am playing consistent 1680-1700 level chess without wide swings. That's a very different conclusion than would have been drawn a year ago, when my performances were all over the place and very frustrating.

Now, the trick will be to continue to play consistently but at an 1800 level. Though the data above doesn't show it, I think I am much closer than not, as it will just require that a I convert a few draws into wins or losses into draws. If I mapped out my "almost" or "coulda been" performance ratings over my last 6 tournaments, it definitely would be north of 1800.