Playing Against Experts

Jan 18, 2016, 11:59 AM |

In my last two OTB tournaments I've played up into the top section, which gives me the opportunity to play against more Experts and Class A players. Looking back at my stats on, it shows that I don't have a whole lot of experience at this level.

Performance vs Class Prev. 12 Months
  Class A Expert Master  
  +2 -14 =5  +1 -8 =0 +0 -2 =0  


That amounts to 32 games in the past year against higher rated players (vs the roughly 90 rated games I played during that period, not counting long unrated ladder games at my club or the CICL league).

This year one of my chess resolutions is to play 20% of my time playing in the open section, 60% of my time playing "up" one section, and the remaining 20% of my time playing for a win in my own section. My coach believes this is the best recipe for advancement, as my stronger opponents simply do a better job of punishing poor moves.

In fact, FM Boor said that if I can stomach it, I could play in the open section even more often. But, let's crawl before we walk.

Though my record is dismal against Experts (1 whole point!), I have had some points just slip from my fingers in winning or dead drawn games. With more experience playing against these (relative) chess gods, I hope to hold on to more of these points in 2016.

Here are the games in the past 12 months where a point (or half point) slipped from my grasp.