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  • Geocentric vs Heliocentric

  • Flat Earther vs Globalist

  • Ptolemy Model vs Copernican Model

  • FE believer vs Newton

    We thought this “Battle Royal” was solved once and for all with Copernicus’ essay in the 1500’s titled: “On The Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres” and with ever advancing modern science proving it, but no… Copernicus & modern science must now take a back seat to the now refined, and far superior-

Ancient-Modern Science…

And the genius that is:


I will bypass Pythagoras (c. 570-495bc) and his Pythagorean Astronomical System or Model… Because, it will only confuse people more, but research if you like.

    Claudius Ptolemy (c.100-170ad) is the reason people thought the model of the (then) universe (our known solar system at the time) consisting of the Earth, sun, moon, the planets Mercury-Saturn, & the stars, and something called the Primum Mobile, (we will get into that later) was earth-centered, or that the Earth was fixed, and all heavenly bodies orbited around it as a “geocentric model” was right… and everyone believed this model for centuries.

    That is until around 1020ad when some observers, (Muslim astronomers, whose names I will not butcher out of respect) who dedicated their lives to looking at and accurately recording vast amounts of data of the planets, stars, comets, and heavenly motions, started questioning some things that just didn’t seem right with the Ptolemy geocentric model, retrograde motion for one…They still thought it was geocentric, but it wasn’t until roughly 14 centuries after Ptolemy’s original model that Copernicus and his sun-centered or heliocentric model, that the idea of the planets actually orbiting the sun was to even be considered. Copernicus, (actually after his death) tried to correct Ptolemy’s mistake, with his posthumous released work, (due to would-be religious persecution) in: “On The Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres”and (for the most part) a little later with Galileo, (and others) proved Copernicus right, even though it would be initially rejected, due to religious law by his catholic overlords of that time.

How does this get us to Flat Earth???

Well, it deals with why Ptolemy got his geocentric model wrong and now the Flat Earth Model:

  • Unproven & erred “Observational Science”

  • Compounded by “Forced Reverse Engineering”

Let’s take a look….

    Ptolemy, worked out a functioning system (sort of) with his original geocentric universe premise, and his adamant conviction and starting point, that the Earth has to be at the center. He (Ptolemy) refused to abandon his original premise, even though he had to “be God” and create things (like the Primum Mobile I spoke of earlier) to explain away other things that he couldn’t explain, but that would also create more issues, but it worked… mostly. It’s this “Reverse Engineering” fallacy (like Ptolemy) to fit the original premise that Flat Earther mistakenly do….

  • Reject reality and create their own fantasy world.

  • Start off with an unmovable premise- “The Earth is Flat.”

  • Make the Flat Earth model work, no matter the cost.

  • Convince everyone, that this is right and science is wrong.

  • Never change or waver.

My friend helping me make this blog summed it up better:

“I understand why Flat Earther's are so adamant in the rejection of actual science over their pseudo-science. They accuse actual science of rejecting reality, manufacturing false theories in an intentional conspiracy, only to fit the idea, that the earth is a globe, because it's their hubris that prevents them from correcting this misconception of the Earth actually being flat.- WOW!!!” 

    Actually, in reality, this is exactly what Flat Earther's are doing. They are rejecting reality, fabricating a new one, and starting with a fixed assumption "The Earth is flat." and creating their own personal universe to change or dismiss all that we know and have proven with real science, to have their model of the Earth and universe fit into their flat ideas. Just like stubborn Ptolemy, they keep restructuring the universe to fit their ideas, rather than restructure their ideas to fit the universe! They are using logical fallacies to reverse engineer their idea of the universe to fit around their Flat Earth creation. The world is flat, so therefore: “There is no gravity, the sun is much closer, the moon is much closer, and so on.” No matter how hard you try to use real science, the Flat Earther will reject any and all true evidence you put forth, and claim it is either fake or wrong. I don't know which is more harmful to people whom have suffered from a psychotic break... Flat Earth Fallacy or Mandela Effect Fallacy?!”

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