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  The Mandela Effect… (also referred to as ME) Most people have heard of the supposed ME phenomenon, but for the 3 people here whom haven’t, I hesitate in educating you (“educate” loosely used) on the term Mandela Effect, and this topic sweeping the internet and social media. The Mandela Effect** (in a nutshell) “is where quite a few of a number of people in the world, claim to have memories that are altered, and slightly to monumentally different, from available recorded data and recorded events, and also claim that our reality has been changed on the quantum level, all for mostly malicious reasons, but also possibly for heroic Earth-saving, and galactic saving motivation.”  Okay… that’s a pretty big nutshell, I grant you, but the term ME is a swirling miasma of confused scientific terms, and misunderstood theoretical possibilities, that makes a pretty monumental and outrageous claim: Biblical Revisionism, with Apocalyptic Revelation reasoning.

  The leading ideas and supposed clandestine operations carried out by quantum computers* and CERN*, and motivated behind the ME changes are in their original universe:

  1. Nelson Mandela died in prison, and never became President of So. Africa.

  2. The JFK assassination* is different.

  3. Movie facts & quote changes.

  4. Numerous product & logo changes.

  5. Literature changes. (mostly The Judeo-Christian Bible*, but others as well)

  6. And far too many more to list here.

  You may ask: “Why have these black ops, quantum level changes taken place?” Well, according to ME’ers, for one of two claimed reasons really. The Governments and scientific communities of the world are involved in a (not-so-secret) secret conspiracy, to either:   #1) Expedite and assist ushering in the N.W.O. for the False-Prophet & Anti-Christ of Revelation’s to assume global power, and the subjugation & mass extermination of humanity. (or the other reason?)  #2) To pre-test and improve the ability of quantum computers to change “reality” on the sub-atomic or quantum level, (brace yourself) so we could eventually (trust me, sit down) be able to move our entire solar system millions of light-years, and swap places with our doppelganger solar system, on the other side of the Milky-Way galaxy, so as to prevent our complete and utter inhalation, by the year 2012. Remember the Mayan calendar? (At least this is a somewhat noble cause, hooray us, but poor doppelganger solar system!!!)

  Now, I’m not going to get into the decoding of Revelation’s and Biblical scriptures, (even though I can) or the incredible lack of scientific knowledge by internet ME’ers (even though I can) and their posting of ME videos on social media, that primarily deal with: (misunderstood) Einsteinian Relativity, Cross-contaminated Timelines, Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Entanglement, as much as I’d really like to, but I’d rather bring up a more important point- HARM! The videos, (though, I believe not motivated or made out of malice, but rather blind ignorance) are hurting and harmful to people on 2 significant fronts. The first being the mentally unstable with internet access, and the second, the uneducated also with internet access.

  Hear me out… there are people, whom have and are suffering from a severe psychotic break, or even a small mental break from reality, whom also have access to the internet, but not their medication, (or are now refusing to take their medication) and are having that psychotic break with reality, encouraged and exacerbated by seemingly educated and convincing people, and that their broken interpretation of reality is right. And Why? All for the sake of clicks and subscriptions on a social media web-page or as a running joke. These mentally and emotionally crippled people, should not be made the tool of humoristic enjoyment or greedy/ego driven misanthropes, all for the goal of personal gain and/or notoriety; no, they deserve our compassion and help. So please stop making these videos and/or stop commenting on them as if the ME is real, and comment against ME… because pro-ME is harmful to everyone!

  The second group is the uneducated. This is only slightly less harmful, because it affects all of society, but is easily correctable. If you educate yourself, you start to understand scientific terms and principles much better, and realize when someone is well educated on the subject “matter” (pun intended) and able to speak intelligently on the scientific topic, or just ill-informed enough to be dangerous, and just trying to sell you a lie. Now, I would be remis to not mention the following: in both Einsteinian Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, time travel is theoretically possible, and we may even (secretly) have this technology, but not as ME’ers describe what they feel is happening. Separate timelines CAN NOT co-exist! So, as a simple example in a true reality, we can’t have both Trump and Clinton winning in a timeline and have them merge; you know what happens when you “cross the streams”*, the universe is annihilated, due to sub-atomic and physical contradictions. Want a new “big bang”?! Cause a universal time-paradox!

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(**) Mandela Effect- A reworded Wikipedia definition joined to a related social-media understanding.


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