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Man Vs. Chess Pt.1 "Scandinavian defense" for white

Man Vs. Chess Pt.1 "Scandinavian defense" for white

Aug 1, 2016, 1:53 AM 0

I was playing chess with my friend at chess club one day, and he played the Scandinavian Defense, then I decided, "What if  WHITE could play the Scandinavian Defense?" Then it struck me. why not make one unofficial "opening" instead?

Then I decided, "Let's call it the Australian Defense!"  And that is where this unofficial opening acme from. (My apologies if this opening is already real.)

Here white gives up a pawn to be ahead in development and attacking the e-pawn.
Here we may even make another made up gambit, called the "Melbourne Gambit" or something.
(Obviously he will castle Queen side, making the "Melbourne Gambit" aggressive.)
So that's the "Australian Defense"!

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