The Scandinavian Defense... the unusual yet powerful opening

The Scandinavian Defense... the unusual yet powerful opening

Jul 30, 2016, 12:06 AM |

The Scandinavian Defense was indeed the first opening I learnt, but at first it seemed unusual to me. What would you actually DO with this Scandinavian Defense opening? Giving up a pawn for nothing? A beginner would be baffled with why they actually would use this weird opening that they didn't understand? This Scandinavian defense would be more complicated than it seemed.

The Scandinavian defense was to control the center squares, i thought. But then I thought of the move, exd5. You were giving UP your control of the center, if you even had any. What was the meaning behind this opening?

Well, this opening can develop other openings, like the Icelandic Gambit.

The common Qxd4

Or the less common Nf6
Here this accomplishes  the developing of your knight, which is better than Qxd4.
The Scandinavian Defense could also develop into the Icelandic Gambit, which is powerful for black, which can develop more of your minor pieces and is good for people who like to play aggressively.
So this is the Scandinavian Defense!