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First week back into chess

First week back into chess

Apr 8, 2011, 12:15 AM 2

I have turned back to chess. After spring break, and a long 6 week ahead of me in college, i have decided to go back to chess. It always has been a hobby of mine but never seriously. I assume my strength is only around 1000-1050 uscf. A beginner.

So now late at night, after a long day of classes, work and the daily activities of dorming; i play and study chess.

I hope to record my progress through out the 6 weeks. I currently play on ICC, the internet premier chess club via www.chessclub.com. My rating is currently 1160-1200.

On saturday i continue my lessons with Canadian International Master Tom O'donnell and hopefully he can help me improve.

I am currently focusing on tactics and endgames at the moment with the help of chess.com's chess mentor, tactics trainer and other books by Seirawan.

With white i usually play the vienna gambit, a form of delayed kings gambit. It allows me to attack, attack and attack. Most of my games i play with this opening are wins. I hate playing 1.e4 c5. I tend to lost often to it.

My favorite player is Mikhail tal. I hope to emulate or create my own style of attacking chess. But i understand the intutition, skill in tactical and combinational problems involved.

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