Enter the Matrix?

Jan 16, 2009, 1:59 AM |

I'm pretty new to chess, obviously. It's considerably a stranger in a strange land, watching from a distance as other people can discuss openings in a language considerably remeniscant to Latin (hell, I took Latin for two years!).

It's an interesting duality, to feel rather in-educated and yet a desire to feel even more-so. To learn where I need to improve from the core, rather than the trunk of a rather chess-addicted tree.

Besides the interestingly played words about Chess I should continue to discuss myself to feel proud (maybe). I'm a Junior in High School, and I play Varsity Chess on the Fourth Board. Being the youngest on the team, it makes me feel quite accomplished. I'm involved in a Vocational program for Computer Programming and Design, which is possibly the highlight of my day.

Other than that, I'm pretty boring. If you want to chat, Chrisinthehat@aim is where I am. I usually never turn down a good conversation, and I put emphasis on 'good'.