Failure, is only in the mind,

Take a step back and be a little kind,

On the situation you are in,

Fear of failure, is the only sin.


The whole world is set before you,

Moving hands, wait to applaud you.

Why do you stand aside?

Don't fool yourself with pride!


You were made as a whole,

Put on this world to play your role.

Why is it you hide your face?

Put yourself down, as if in disgrace?


Lift your eyes, look straight ahead,

Do this now, before your soul is dead!

Strengthen your heart, strengthen yourself,

Why wrap yourself up and stand on a shelf?


Failure is an opportunity; so take it when you can,

Leave it fester in your mind and your just where you began.

Don't be harsh to judge yourself, as only you should know,

For when you rise up in the day, you get back what you do sow.



A person's wealth should not be measured, with figures as a sign,

But from the honesty of heart and their actions in time.

Do not think you've failed your best,

As it is caring for others, which is life's test.


©Chris Matthews. 27/03/2014