I Need You.

May 4, 2014, 7:04 AM |
I Need You.
I am the blossom that hangs full on the tree,
You are the pollinator, comes in search of me.
I am caught up on your body, entwined in your arms,
You fly away with me, I'm held by your charms.
You are the flower that I choose,
Is it right to take, what I fear to loose?
You are from Spring, the wind, sower of seeds,
Fill my days and all of my needs.
Life is change; Life is growth,
Propagate ourselves to fulfil us both.
We are from the earth and to it return,
From our union, I hope to learn.
Our journey a circle, no corner to hide,
I believe in you and with you I reside.
Copywrite Chris Matthews 02/05/2014