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Jun 12, 2014, 8:12 AM 1





I.. am an 'Individual', but a number marks Me!


Be it Birth, Social, Telephone, or Bank,


Thank; Big Brother for this order and Insanity,


Humanity divides me into a social Class,


Mass.. together ABCs,


Disease.. of status, will scar your World,


Hurled into the sterility of 1984,


War.. with Words not Genocide!


Hide.. the bodies in a Bag,


Tagged when they Die,


I.. am an 'Individual', but a number marks ME!




You.. are an 'Individual', and your number's written Up,


Supplied by the system, that governs by the Letter,


Better.. to choose your number, than have it forcefully Given,


Driven down to beg for Money,


Honey.. it's just our Life's,


Strife's an illusion; is what They'd have you Believe,


Relieved by the poison you have to Digest,


Invest in the people and all will be Well,


Hell.. don't be greedy and give to the Poor,


Sure.. you are needy and one thing is True,


You.. are an 'Individual', and your number's written Up!




We.. are 'Individuals', and should stand tall and Free,


See.. the benefit of labour, not filed into Lines,


Mines.. are gone and there's nothing Left,


Bereft.. of the choices our forefathers Had,


Mad.. cacophonous, politicians, argue with each Other,


Brothers and sisters are left in the Cold,


Sold out.. by bosses who've taken all they Can,


Ran away with the country, it's gone down Hill,


Will the powers that be.. just Stop and Listen,


Glisten.. the voices of the Majority,


We.. are 'Individuals' and should stand tall and Free!




©Chris Matthews. 2014



















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