Poem: Media.






The prattle of the TV's blare,


The transfixed masses stare,


24hr news makes it clear,


Don't believe what you hear!




Entwined In the words that they say,


Falsehoods designed to sway,


Who's agenda is it tonight...


To know what's wrong from right?




Headlines created, make us feel,


Too horrid! Are they real?


Where's the good in this pleasant land?


Scared to watch on demand.




Press the button to get your fix,


Children's minds will soon mix.


Start them early, see the vision,


Later leads into derision.




Parents really should blame themselves,


On what their child now dwells.


Any wonder they're all in fright?


Day's news, another fight.




Getting fatter sat on the couch,


Jump in fear, run stop crouch!


Where's the games that we used to play?


Gone are those from our day.




Electric gadgets now litter,


All our baby sitter.


So what of Art and reading books?


Dusty shelves, no-one looks!




We should take time to reassess,


Change the times, let's redress.


The power these media have on all,


Me for one does appall!




Take time to meditate,


I realise now that life...is great!


I Pull the plug and switch all off,


Media!! Now bog off!!!




Chris Matthews 29/07/2016