Relationship to String Theory


Relationship to 'String theory'...


...Tries to explain everything; but not emotion,


Commotion as Bosons and Fermions unravel,


Travel to reveal the building blocks of LIFE!




Yet nothing can explain a feeling,


Peeling back the skin of the universe,


Worse are we for perturbation.




Synapses fire in the brain,


Strain the axions; devoid of spin and charge,


Recharge the painters palette!




So that colours of consciousness unfurl,


Hurl Quarks to combine into hadrons,


Protons and neutrons.




By what sensation of the heart,


Starts the realisation that we know nothing,


Missing a beat of substance.




I Surrender to my singularity,


Parity with others, as our worlds move apart,


Bit part actor, hung by a cosmic thread.




Fling me to the cosmos, the search goes on,


Hadron Collider, Einstein, Hawking,


Mannikin of life, force of nature,


Major time to reflect on LIFE,


I am content!




©Chris Matthews 16/07/2014