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These things take time...

Aug 10, 2014, 2:13 AM 0

These things take time...




Seconds to minutes. Minutes to hours,


Heart held captive by Cupid's powers.


Each moment of silence, Stings the mind,


Hard are the emotions that bind.


But the phone doesn't ring.




Facebook message, text or call,


Even graffiti put on a wall,


So wrapped up waiting for you,


That time slaps me true.


But the phone doesn't ring.




Hold the second hand. Stop the clock,


Gently should the cradle rock.


Let's go for a walk,


Just want to talk.


But the phone doesn't ring.




Listen to music. Watch TV,


Some men want sensitivity.


Hear echos in the brain,


It begins to rain.


But the phone doesn't ring.




To know your happy is all I need,


No caged bird as you are freed.


Even if it means we are riven.


I am grateful for, all you have given,


But the phone doesn't ring.




©Chris Matthews 09/08/2014

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