Your Voice.

Dec 6, 2014, 10:46 PM |

Your voice.




When you're angry your voice is like thunder, that heralds darkness of day,


Frozen souls of children fearful, as they stop in their play.




When you're drunk your voice is the tempest, that distorts the victims ears,


Frightened, confused, unforgiving, your storm will play on their fears,




When you're anxious your voice doesn't comfort, like that of a parent should,


The path is narrow and winding, run away get lost in the wood.




When you're insane your voice the daemon, that is hidden in the mind,


A mad man calling for sanity, when he realizes he is blind.




When you're embittered your voice is the partner, jilted by another,


What makes people in life, a bad husband, wife or lover?




When you're happy your voice is compassion; love without the pain,


No more storm clouds to shroud you, no more anguish in the rain.




©Chris Matthews 6/12/14