Poem with math terms :D

Poem with math terms :D

Jun 11, 2015, 6:37 AM |

Just one of my RUSH math projects a very long time ago xDD



                                   by: ChristineCrystalline


She is just a remainder,

Considered useless everywhere,

Their hatred she can't subtract,

Their shouts add impact.


She can't count her mistakes,

Because she has none but people fakes,

The pain multiplies,

Her spirit dies.


Too many rooms she can't divide,

She is nowhere to hide,

Parallel to good people,

Intersects with countless trouble.


She seeks for a solution,

Simplifying her vision

That her life would be better,

And the probability will be higher.


She transposes negative,

And she becomes positive,

She adds determination

And believes in the Law of Attraction. (xD)


She ignores the pain but is never off-guard,

She is constant in working hard,

And later, she will fly

Into the infinite stars in the sky.