Chuzhakin’s System. Rule No 1.

Chuzhakin’s System. Rule No 1.

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Rules for Calculation of Hazardous Elements (HE) 

The concept of hazardous elements (HE) is the most important in the system. Hazardous elements show you the key points on the chessboard where combinations can be performed. An important advantage of the hazardous element theory is its completeness – ALL combinations and tactical motives that can be in practice are directly connected with hazardous elements. 

Hazardous elements are not always a real threat. They are only a “weather cock” which shows from what quarter the wind of tactics can blow. There are a lot of rules for calculation of hazardous elements. This can be a challenge in the beginning, but you have to accept it, because this tactical play is very complicated and diverse and it is quite difficult to use a smaller number of rules. 

You should have a good understanding of the following rules and be able to quickly calculate HE based on them. 


1. Material advantage of your opponent

Material advantage can be frequently sacrificed featuring the most unexpected moves. For instance, if you sacrifice a piece, keep in mind that your opponent can sacrifice a piece in return – and in any part of the chessboard. 

Priorities: crucial HE.


from Chapter 7. Standard Methods of Using HEs 

Material advantage 

The side which has a material advantage can sacrifice it without fearing to be left with a smaller number of pieces and pawns.