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Komodo v Houdini TCEC Superfinal Game 77
Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in Colorado

Komodo v Houdini TCEC Superfinal Game 77

Dec 4, 2017, 3:24 PM 0

The TCEC Superfinal between two 3200+ rated engines Komodo and Houdini is scheduled for 100 games.  82 are complete with 13 wins for Houdini and 7 for Komodo.  Only 3 of the 20 decisive games were wins for Black.  The shortest of these is analyzed below.  It features a closed position in which, historically, chess engines have struggled to develop a winning plan.  Houdini accomplishes this with a slow but steady increase in the evaluation score on almost every move.  The game lacks the tactical fireworks often associated with engines but instead, shows us deep strategic sophistication, a parallel with the 1/2 mile deep canyon in the photo.


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