FM David Lucky: New Chess Author
Gary Kasparov & David Lucky

FM David Lucky: New Chess Author

NM Coach-Bill

I met David in 1978 and enjoyed watching his chess career unfold. He has played some of the best players in the USA and held his own with them! His new book, My Joyous Battles With Chess Villains was just released and is for sale on I ordered a copy immediately. For those of us who grew up in Southern California, this is a must own book. David's opponents read like a "Who's Who" for this part of the country. This book is of great historical importance, and highly entertaining. The games will keep you on the edge of your seat!

David and I got together and made two, so far, videos for YouTube. Both feature two of his wonderful games against 6 time USA champion, GM Walter Browne. Here are the links, as well as order information. Thanks for your time.