Coach Dante's Endgame Crash Course! -- Pawns: Corresponding Squares & Mined Squares
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Coach Dante's Endgame Crash Course! -- Pawns: Corresponding Squares & Mined Squares

Jan 4, 2018, 8:05 PM |

Following up on our discussion of Opposition we will jump straight in to Mined Squares.

In the above position we have two passed pawns on the board; one for each player. However, neither the Black nor White Kings can approach their respective pawns. 

So we see the power of the Mined Square!  Whoever steps on the mine first will be blown to smithereens!  In our first case we have an example of Untouchable Squares.  Neither player can step forward without losing, so both players will simply shuffle around the ranks to a draw. What if we can force our opponent to step on the mine first?

White to Move

The Mined Squares are c5 for Black and e6 for White. With a clever maneuver White can force his opponent onto the mine!

In the same position with Black to move White fairs a bit better due to the less advanced pawn.

Taking what we know about Mined Squares we can now dig deeper into Corresponding Squares.  In the following position we can identify that the squares d4 and e6 are mined and thus Correspond to each other.  From there we can work our way backwards to further Corresponding Squares.  

In the final position White makes a key waiting move by moving Ke2-f2!!.  The f2-square gives White access to the mined f3-square. Black doesn't have a Corresponding Square to move to that also gives him access to the mined e5-square.  


Let's end it here and use the final position given as our closing puzzle.  Tomorrow we will continue our long discussion on Corresponding Squares!

Black mistakenly steps forward with the King, and this allows White a strong endgame tactic. Can you figure it out?