A Few Fun Nimzos

A Few Fun Nimzos

NM CoachJKane
Nov 23, 2015, 7:05 PM |

Hi Chess Friends,

I was playing around with Chessbase today and came across a few old games of mine that I wanted to share. In particular, these are games in the Rubenstein Nimzo-Indian. I've played this as white on occasion, and while I don't think it guarentees any sort of opening advantage, it leads to very educational chess. You can learn a lot by practicing positions with interesting trade-offs of the bishop pair against a damaged pawn structure, or isolated pawn positions, both of which occur frequently. 

The following quick game, isn't a main line, but demonstrates how the bishop pair in an open position can compensate not just a bad structure, but also material. 

The next game is one of my favorite miniatures. I'm pretty sure white's surprising play is completely sound.

The next game, was actually the first game I played after picking up Ivan Sokolov's book on the Nimzo. Against, my training partner at the time, a fellow Master, the preparation paid off immediately, and the game only lasted a few minutes.

I hope these games inspire a few Nimzos of your own.