A Memorable Blitz Game and the World Championship

A Memorable Blitz Game and the World Championship

NM CoachJKane

Hi Chess Friends,

A few years ago I held a lost position when my opponent gave me a perpetual tactic I had never seen before in a rook ending.

What struck me as unique about this tactic is that it's not a perpetual check. The Ra1 move in reply to Kh3 isn't check, but it threatens mate on h1 and white's only defense allows more checks.

I remembered that game and was surprised to see a very similar tactic decide the World title today in London. In the first tie-break game Magnus Carlsen won when Fabiano Caruana missed his chance to set up the same defensive idea. He transposed moves and his Kxe4 allowed white to keep the black king too far away to set up the drawing idea.

If only Caruana spent a little more time watching amateur online blitz games instead of studying, chess history could be different today.