Attacking Patterns and a Great Swindle

Attacking Patterns and a Great Swindle

NM CoachJKane
Jun 25, 2016, 6:57 PM |

Hi Chess Friends,

I've never been much of a Sicilian aficionado, so most of my knowledge of famous attacks in the Dragon comes from studying on my own and preparing lessons for students. That's one reason I was happy to get to demonstrate some classic patterns in the following recent blitz game.


As pleasant as that was, when I looked at it later, I realized I could have attacked more effectively on move 22 with g6, rather than 22.gxf6. I wasn't familiar with that particular attacking motif, but I am now. I was fortunate that the difference didn't matter in that game, but it was very helpful idea in a game I played tonight.  I particularly enjoyed the position below.


Despite being down two rooks for a bishop and having a king on h4, white is fine! Remembering the idea from the previous game helped me to find the right way to continue the attack and even win after one mistake by my opponent

You can play over the fun, but very flawed game here.