Bad Bishops in the DC Chess League

Bad Bishops in the DC Chess League

NM CoachJKane

Hi Chess Friends,

Last night I competed in the DC Chess League for the first time since July. I prepared for a couple of masters, but our opponent's showed up with a lower rated lineup than expected, so I played down about 300 points. The most educational feature of the game ended up being, my opponent's bad bishop, which caused problems for virtually the whole game. However, the worst bishop of the night occured on another board between two players rated in the 2150-2250 range. I left before the game was over, but at one point they reached this position.








I'm not sure why black played Be3-g1-h2 a few moves earlier, but now I think that white can draw with the simple Bxd3. Blacks extra bishop and pawn are useless because white will play Kh1-Kg2 for the rest of the game.

My game was also decided by a bad bishop, but it in a more common sort of way. Take a look.