Child's Opening Revisited

Child's Opening Revisited

NM CoachJKane
Apr 4, 2016, 6:56 PM |

Hi Chess Friends,

A few months ago I analyzed a very complicated game I came accross in the Canal Variation of the Italian Opening. It's a line associated with very simple play from kids who are mindlessly developing pieces. Despite that, games can get very sharp. I, along with some help from my readers, analyzed an exciting game here.

I've recently had my best week of ICC five minute play to date. I've reached a peak rating for the first time since I've had a 9-5 type job. My previous best rating, from 2011 involved only playing when wide awake in the mornings between teaching chess classes.

The game that pushed me to a new peak was the 2nd in a row against an annonymous Polish GM. After he ran low on time and lost a close first game, he played the Canal Variation in the rematch, and things got very sharp. I was happy to have handled the complications well enough that he accused me of using computer assistance. I like to think that's a sign that my chess is improving! 


Here's the game.