Find the Flaw

Find the Flaw

NM CoachJKane
May 17, 2016, 6:29 PM |

Hi Chess Friends,

I recently played a couple of games decided by serious tactical errors in positions where there appeared to be more than one equivelant option. Unlike most tactical puzzles in books, the tactics in real games frequently appear out of nowhere when one of two or three reasonable options are flawed. 

For example, which move do you prefer for white to maintain an advantage? The two moves I considered during the game were Qd3 and Rd3. 










Now for a quick quiz. Please post answers in the comments.

1. My most recent tournament game ended with this sort of blunder. White's better, but black can stay in the game with the correct defense. Is it Ke7 or Qg8?







2. Which move loses, Ka4, Ka3 or Ka2?






3. Should white defend with Rad1 or Rfd1?



How did you do?