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Learning From My Games - Trapped Pieces

Learning From My Games - Trapped Pieces

Feb 24, 2016, 6:40 PM 1

Hi Chess Friends,

A few recent games of mine all hinged on on some tricky tactics related to pieces getting trapped, often in unexpected ways. The first tactic, fortunately for me, was overlooked by both sides. See if you can find the win and do better than my IM opponent and I.

My next example, was only from a blitz game, but featured a nice trap against a GM opponent. Can you find the win for black?
Puzzles in practice games like these were helpful in finding my way in a more meaningful recent game in the DC chess league. Many sidelines throughout the game featured trapped pieces. The following is my favorite. I wasn't able to see my way through to the end during the game. See if you can do better.
Black to play and equalize. How can your counterattack compensate for the trapped rook on a8?
How did you do? Do you have any interesting trapped piece puzzles from your games?

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