My Learning Moments - Rook Activity and Stockfish

My Learning Moments - Rook Activity and Stockfish

NM CoachJKane

Hi Chess Friends,

I finally downloaded one of the top chess engines, Stockfish and it's been intersting to see how it's evaluations differ from those of the old version of Fritz that I had been relying on. I was pleased to see how my thoughts on a recent game were more in line with Stockfish's evaluations than the older, more materialistic engine. The modern program understand the importance of activity even at the cost of a pawn.

It's also interesting to note that one of the craziest games from my chess career features a sideline, that not even Stockfish evaluates correctly. Even the top engines undervalue the rooks in this line until it's too late. See you if you can find the win for white against the engine's main line. I should mention that my now Grandmaster opponent, wisely avoided this position and the game was eventually drawn.






The computer prefers Rxg2 and misses white's amazing winning idea until it's too late. 

My take away from these examples is that you should always respect an active rook or two. In these games they dominated against extra material of all sorts. I'd be curious to know your thoughts as well.