Old Coach Still Has New Tricks

Old Coach Still Has New Tricks

NM CoachJKane

Hi Chess Friends,

A busy work schedule and fatherhood have kept me from playing much lately except for a few online games. That's why it was nice to find a few fun moves while teaching a lesson and then playing a blitz game today.

The blitz game features typical blitz mistakes for both sides, but a fantastic (although not too deep) finish.

I love that final position.


I was also happy today to analyze a successful tournament by one of my young students. He recently broke 1800 USCF and had this fascinating position. 


What would you play for black?

My student successfully found the path to a draw. Can you? My favorite bit of analysis was the refutation of what would happen if he had pressed too hard for a win.

Can you find the win for white if black plays 1...Rc1 2.Rb2 Bb1+ 3.Ka1 Rc2? 

You can leave analysis in the comments.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!