Rook Endgame Tricks with a GM

Rook Endgame Tricks with a GM

NM CoachJKane
Aug 2, 2016, 7:16 PM |

Hi Chess Friends,

Occasional on Internet Chess Club, I get paired with Armenian/French GM Tigran Gharamian. He's rated in the 2600s, currently placing him around 130th in the world. As an American, I typically haven't heard of foreign players of this level, but I've played enough interesting games with GM Gharamian to learn who he is. He ususally beats me in our 3 minute and 1 minute games, but we've had a couple of close ones.


I've frequently shown the following ending to students. White appears to be in trouble, but a bit of calculaton, and knowledge of the Philidor Position is enough to draw.


My opponent got his revenge today, holding a two pawn down ending, with a very nice trick.


I'm looking forward to our next game.