5/15 Chain of Victory

May 21, 2015, 2:29 PM |

On Friday, I played a total of eight online games. I won 5 of them, and only lost one of them. I'll list them for you here.

Somewhat fittingly, my nice chain of games started out with a loss. This was the game:

Here's the second game:
The third game:
Ever had a game where after a short period of time, you had such a decisive advantage that you didn't think you could possibly not win, and didn't win? After trapping his queen with my fourth move, this was exactly that kind of game for me.
My fifth game was very short after what was supposed to be a kamikaze turned into a gain of six material.
This game was also short:
This game was the other stalemate of the night.
This was the last game.