Returning to an Art

Jul 30, 2009, 12:17 AM |

I would like to begin by stating my wonderful experiences with the game of chess. I was first seriously educated on the subject by my mindful 5th grade teacher, allowing us to study mild openings and rudamentary tactics in order to vanquish one another in imaginary battefields. It was quite an experience, as I juggled my social life with the study of the game, slowly becoming one of the most adept players within my range of skill.

However, despite some divulgences throughout the rest of Middle School, the game vanished partially from my memory as I became less enfatuated with its capabilities (though I feverishly respected its logic, and half-heartedly attempted to reach a higher level of understanding). It is simply the fact, compatriots, that I wish to return to such a ludus and make this coming permanent.

I ask kindly of the community to guide me through this welcoming, giving me possible literary sources of experimental enhancement, as well as challenging me to a match every now and then. So far, I have achieved a 1380 rating in (through an older, forgotten account played for a week), and I wish to up this maximum to 1700+.

Cheers to all,