The summer I lost 100 points

The summer I lost 100 points

Oct 11, 2015, 9:38 AM |

This summer I played in three tournaments, hoping to perform well and gain some rating points (and maybe even win a prizeLaughing). Instead I dropped over 100 points, the biggest drop my rating has taken. In order to learn from my mistakes, and in an effort to stem the tears which flow constantly from my eyes, I have annotated everyone of my games and present them here that you may also learn something, or at least enjoy some scheadenfreudu as you watch me blunder great positions and throw away half-points. 


The Columbus Open

The first tournament of the summer. While I ended withonly 1.5points, I also only lost ~20points. Little did I know what was to come! The first game was against a local 2200+ player so I went in trying to keep my stress and hopes low. 


After this loss I wasn't too heartbroken. I had been too loose and agressive and was duly punished by a higher rated player. I returned the next morning hoping to improve my score. 


My opponent offered a draw after our pawns were again equal and I accepted, it had been a long game and I was a little burned out after hoping I would win during the middlegame. .5/2 Wasn't too bad I thought, given my tough opponents. 

What had happened?! I was sure that I had been better there somewhere, but it all just seemed to slip away and then suddenly I was worse. It seemed that I didn't fair too well when the game swung from one extreme to the other. Nothing to do but buckle down and forge ahead. 


A fairly straightforward win, some strange choices from my opponent and I was able to hold on the whole time. Maybe I could win in the final round and somewhat redeem this tournament. 

The last round sees me facing off against Ben Tancinco, a fellow local Columbus player and friend. By far the opponent I've faced the most (7 games in my DB and next closest is 4). We know each others games a bit, so it's time for a battle!


A bit of a crazy last round, both of us missing some better chances and Ben had the last word. Overall I didn't feel too bad about the tournament, I had chances in a lot of the games I thought, and while I only ended 1.5/5 I felt that it could still be a good jumping off point for the summer if I could get my game in order. Stay tuned for the next summer tournament, The Cleveland Open!