Openings Part One - The Thompson Indian Defence


This line is an excellent defence to 1. e4, as it provides strong opportunities and a fortified queenside. It is better than the usual responses for the following reasons.

1... e5 consigns oneself to losing the initiative, as White can make threat after threat. 

1... c5 is theoretical muck. Enough said.

Therefore, I propose the Thompson-Indian Opening as one of the deadliest responses to 1. e4. The opening centers around the achieving of the following position:








Black's position here I will dub the "Thompson-Indian Queenside" position. This defence is the primary point of the move 1... b6. Notice the pressure Black is placing on the center. The formation allows all of Black's minor pieces, once developed, to maintain control of the center from afar.

Note the following line, using the kingside version.