Which sided brain are you?

Aug 7, 2009, 8:33 PM |

Did you know there are two sides to your brain? The left side is used for logical thing and the right side is for creative things.

If you want to find out if you use your right or left side brain more try this survey.


Here are the questions:


1. What is this colour:


A: Red     B: Blue


2. If you had the same dinner every Friday night, would you get sick of it or don't mind?

A: Don't mind     B:Get sick of it


3. Do you remember peoples faces or names more?

A: Faces     B: Names


4. Do you prefer maths or creative writing?

A: Maths     B: Creative Writing


5. Do you prefer to play games or invent games?

A: Play games     B: Create games


6. Do you like trying new foods?

A: No     B: Yes


7. When you are buying a new pair of shoes, do you prefer to:

A: Get the same type of shoes as you did have just a size bigger     B: Choose a different type of shoe


8. Do you read an analogue or a digital clock easier?

A: Digital     B: Analogue


9. When you're reading a picture book, do you focus on the words or the pictures?

A: Words     B: Pictures


10. When you are figuring out a maths problem do you do it with numbers or imagine a picture in your head?

A: Use numbers     B: Imagine a picture



If you want to find out a percentage of which side brain you are, count how many As and Bs you got. Then times it by ten and make it a percentage. Last of all, you change the As to left sided brain and Bs to right sided brain.

For example:

I got 7 As and 3 Bs. Then I times it by ten and make it a percentage which makes 70% As and 30% Bs. Then I change the As to left sided brain and the Bs to right sided brain. So I am 70% left brained  and 30% right brained.