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Another FICS Game

Another FICS Game

Jan 15, 2017, 2:08 PM 0
I hate to imperil my very modest Chess.com rating by playing rated games online, and so I continue playing unrated games on FICS. The rationale is that my skills will improve to the point where I'll be reasonably confident that a rated Chess.com game will boost rather than bust my rating. Since I like to dwell on moves, I routinely seek 15 10 u games on FICS, but still find I'm almost out of time, winning or losing, when my opponents have barely used five minutes. Overall,  I'm not sure this is a particularly useful strategy, because I seem to encounter many apparent patzers on FICS (does a 15 10 time control attract patzers?). Anyway, here's another fairly typical FICS game for me; comments would be invaluable!


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