WL Admin Help- How to setup a match using start time feature

WL Admin Help- How to setup a match using start time feature

Jan 23, 2015, 7:50 PM |

Using the Start time feature in setting up you matches, particularly any league matches is extremly easy and a great tool as it allows you to set up the start date and time for the match to begin as long as the minimum number of players are enrolled that have met all the requirements you selected. If the start time is reached and the minimum is not reached yet there is no need to take any action other than to encourage players to join, as soon as the roster is filled on both sides to minmum and the start time is reached or exceeded, the game will automatically begin. I f you have set your alerts correctly you will recieve a notice that the game has begun.

Also,There has been a lot of questions about converting timezones and GMT or UTC time,  Chess.com is in  Palo Alto Califonia USA, and is on PST which also observes Daylight savings time. a very easy conversion  in Winter is PST+8hrs=GMT in Summer PDT+7Hrs=GMT

For Most Leagues, the league directors usually pre determine the start times, so all you need to do is fill in the start times given. and there is no need to convert. pay attention to the AM or PM differences.

Here is a easy step by step tutorial on how to setup a match using the Start time function with a World League Division F match format as an example:

Select the Team to challenge:

There are two easy ways to challenge a group, you can copy and paste their name into the group to challenge space, or you can click on the group and the click challenge. I recommend the second method, as it leaves no room for error, if your league has provided you a linked list of participating teams, it is always best to use the list to navigate to the group from that.













Select your team in the MY Group box that you are sending the challenge as, in the drop down menu and continue on selecting the appropriate settings. The example below is for a WL match for a Div F Team Between Costa Rica and Zimbabwe which is a round one match in WL2015





























when setting up the start time be SURE TO fill ALL boxes if you leave the last one blank it reverts back to 12 am time. see below for example