WL Admin Help-How to Set Alerts

WL Admin Help-How to Set Alerts

Jan 22, 2015, 6:50 AM |

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to set your alert setting for both yourself and for a group/team  to ensure you get the proper notifications.(The setting shown are my personal Preferances as a Admin, yours may vary, however as a Admin you WILL want to be Notified of certain things and these are my recomendations))

For a group, most importantly a LEAGUE group, you want to get NEWS, and FORUMS and NEW GAME ALERTS!, Notes are ok if you like to keep in the thick of the daily going ons, and are a must for admins, but are kind of annoying for the casual player who is only interested in the League games and none of the chatter, so they may turn notes off, unfortunately, they usually turn everything off also and then miss news, games ect.

Here is the basic settings-


in EACH group that you wish to receive alerts from, REMEMBER, this is per group, not universal, so do this in every group,go to group home page and follow these steps

  1. Navigate to group home page
  2. click alerts
  3. select/delselect the boxes
  4. Click submit changes













Personal Alerts      

  1. From your home page, navigate to home then Account
  2. At the My Account page Click on Alert and Mail Settings
  3. Select the boxes 
  4. Click Save changes


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