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WL Admin Help- Privacy Settings for Group Admins

WL Admin Help- Privacy Settings for Group Admins

Apr 26, 2015, 6:20 AM 1

As an Administrator for a League Team, you must be available for reminders,questions,notices,ect. If your settings are set to only friends, then your team may suffer point losses or even league expulsion simply due to your lack of getting important messages.

Here are the settings required for world league team admins and SA's to ensure they dont miss messages and can be contacted by the WL directors if the need arises.

From your home page click on home, then in submenu, move over to the gear icon and click account,

now move over to the privacy line and click it to open the privacy settings,
once in, change the first two settings to "All Members" and be sure to click save, now your all set!

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