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The Easiest Way To Defeat Terrorism

The Easiest Way To Defeat Terrorism

Aug 4, 2016, 10:32 AM 0

At a time where Russia and USA is fighting over who gets the chance to bomb Syria, at a time where West’s little terror toys are turning against them, it’s hightime everyone forget about the past for a moment and think of what will happen if we continue to do so. And take some serious action. Do you think NATO isn’t capable of fighting and annihilating ISIS in a month? Do you think Russia doesn’t have enough arms to destroy all the terrorists in the world? Do you think Israel is honest and has nothing to do with Palestinians getting killed daily? Do you think India’s RAW had nothing to do with LTTE? Do you think Pakistan army doesn’t have anything to do with Al Queeda? Well you are damn wrong. It has all been about power. But it’s time to think as humans.”

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